January 15, 2019 Annual Business Meeting


Our goal every January is to hear from our membership.  So we are planning to have a great group discussion and also learn more about the successes of the insurance companies that we serve in NJ.


  • NJ 1752 2018 review – we want to look over the year.  Talk about the highs and lows.
  • Benevolence – through all of our group’s hard work and teamwork, we have been able to financially support both NJ and beyond 501C3 opportunities.
  • How can we improve?  This is an open dialogue talking about ways we can improve on what we are doing and increase membership.
  • Insurance Company Overviews – we want our members to discuss the Insurance Companies that they are serving.  This is a time to not only brag but to also show ways that we can work together to provide complimentary lines of coverage and more.

This meeting always sets up the year and allows us to grow in our knowledge to better serve the insurance agents that we market to.  We hope you can attend this meeting and we hope you come prepared to share.